God, Me and Art

God, Me & Art


Do you spin, weave, felt, plait, knit, crochet?

Do you sew, embroider, quilt: do collage, patchwork, cross-stitch?

Do you draw, sketch, etch; use pastels, charcoal, oils, acrylics, gouache, water-colour?

Do you write verse, prose, short sketches (drama)?

Do you sing, compose, play an instrument?

Do you arrange flowers?

Do you assemble interesting or beautiful found objects on a theme?

Why not bring your creations to share with us?

We are not professional, critical, competing.  Prayerfully we share our feelings and insights on what we see, and look for where God is in each creation.


No need to bring anything first time.


We meet in the “Social Area” (Old Norman nave) at St James at 2pm of the following dates

Tuesday 20th September. The theme will be "Unity" 

Tuesday 15th November.  The theme will be  "Bangs!"






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