Birstall Churchyard

Birstall Churchyard: July 2012


Christians are called to care for Creation. Churchyards are important refuges for our native wildlife, plants, animals, insects, grasses, fungi and lichens. These are just a few of the plants and insects that we have found in surveying our churchyard this summer. Our churchyards were created out of the fields and meadows that surrounded the church. As they have never been cultivated and artificial fertiliser has not been applied, they are now one of the last remaining places where you can find the diversity of wildlife and beauty which the fields and meadows had. Those of us who grew up before agriculture intensified in the 1960s can remember such places, full of wildflowers. Over 97% of them have gone. But we have a chance to preserve something precious, whilst respecting the churchyard as a sacred resting place of the dead. Our bee populations are collapsing, partly because they can’t find food in the shape of pollen-rich flowers. The churchyard is full of such flowers.  Sensitive management would increase its interest for people and allow a rich and rare habitat to thrive

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