God, Me & Art at St James
20th October 2021
God Me & Art includes every form of art: drawing, painting, poetry, drama, sculpture, carving, photography, needlework, knitting, etc. the list is endless. So, if any of these things appeals to you, why not come and join us on Wednesday October 20th at 2.00pm in St James Church. When we meet we bring a sample of our work, or just talk about the art forms we like, we are not judgemental about member’s offerings, and we like to talk about how God may have influenced our work. The group started some years ago with bi-monthly meetings lasting about 2 hours, and it is expected to continue along similar lines. We are not ‘stuffy’ or over serious, and we laugh a lot. For this restart meeting just bring anything ‘arty’, or just bring yourself and find out what we do, you won’t be disappointed.


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