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Nearer news: - June 2020

In January this year Nearer had started Soul Games, where we met monthly, played modern board games together and briefly discussed any issues that came out of the games. We had fun learning new games, playing old games, and much laughter! Then everything came to a full stop.

We were also about to start Soul Space, a time for people to take time out to meditate, to spend at least 30 minutes with God being quiet and reflecting ………………………but we never started – lockdown happened on the Monday of the week we were due to start. Its not really possible to do something like that in lockdown when you dont know who wants to be involved! So Soul Space will be starting when were able to meet again safely.

However, Nearer has recently started a Shabbatservice with those we are in touch with using Zoom video conferencing. So, on a Friday evening we log onto Zoom and, using a Celtic form of service from the Northumbria Community, we do Shabbat together. In Shabbat, we prepare ourselves for the Sabbath, the day of rest, we give to God our concerns and really leave them with Him, we pray for the people God brings to mind and we sharebread and wine as a reminder of all that God provides. If we were physically in the same place we would then eat a meal together but we cant do that so, after catching up, we go our separate ways.

So far we have found this to be a good time of peace and of sensing Gods presence together. We look forward to meeting properly again, and, hopefully, re-engaging with those we have met in Soul Games and those we were going to meet in Soul Space

Using Zoom again, we are also about to start 'The Prayer Course' devised by the leaders of the 24-7 Prayer movement. Using video and discussion, the course consists of 8 sessions leading us through a whole toolbox of approaches to prayer. The course is based on Pete Greig's book 'How to Pray – a simple guide for normal people'. This is available in all formats: a physical book an e-book and an audiobook. We’re starting this course in June, but if there is sufficient interest, we will run another course as well.


If anyone is interested in any of these activities do contact us for more information. Pete and Gill Chester 07848 144169 or




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