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Members of the PCC

At the APCM meeting on 15th March 2017, PCC members were elected as follows:

St James the Great, Birstall
: Tony Bloxam and Andy Proud
Deputy Churchwardens: Janet Waters and Paul Tarry


Our Lady & St Nicholas, Wanlip
: John Ward and Debbie Shephard
Deputy Churchwarden: Elaine Moyers

Hon Treasurer
Nicki Wills


Deanery Synod Representatives 2017-2020
Bert Tegg
Lesley Walton

F & S Representatives
Lesley Walton

Doreen Wilson

Elected Members
Rose Parrott   2015-2018
Julie Ward   2015-2018
Anne McCann   2017-2018
Alastair McHugh   2017-2018
Marjorie Bonshor   2017-2019
Christine Greaves   2017-2019
Beryl McHugh   2017-2019

Leigh Reid   2017-2019
Gill Chester   2017-2020
Sandra Robinson   2017-2020
Lynn Van Ristell   2017-2020

Doreen Wilson   2017-2020