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7 Sacred Spaces - Personal Journal
This page contains a downloadable copy of a journal that will enable you to assess how well you are building the 7 spaces of monasticism into your life.

The Storyteller 2
We explore Jesus' story about the lamp and the bowl

The Spirituality of Autumn - a meditation
A meditation on the lessons of autumn for the life of faith.

The Storyteller 1 - The Lost Sheep
Our exploration of the parable of the lost sheep from Sunday 25th September 2016.

Missional Community Worksheet
A worksheet we used to explore living missionally.

NEARER - The Storyteller
A new NEARER series of six sessions where we will be helping people explore the parables of Jesus.

NEARER Vision Day Report
This report summarises what came out of our Vision Day on 14th August 2016

NEARER Sunday - Issues Series
8 sessions exploring issues that affect us all

What NEARER is about

NEARER Logo and Explanation
Our new logo and its meaning

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