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The Storyteller


‘Holy man’, ‘guru’, ‘prophet’, ‘teacher’ - whatever you think about Jesus the one thing that we know for sure is that people loved to listen to him.

People from all backgrounds and of all ages would gather in their thousands to hear him speak.

What was it that made Jesus so interesting?

Jesus didn’t talk like the other religious leaders. Instead of dry and dusty lectures Jesus told stories drawn from everyday life.

Through these simple stories, stories that even the youngest child could understand, Jesus somehow led people to discover deep spiritual insights about God, the world, and themselves.

Starting in September, on the last Sunday of every month NEARER will be giving people the chance to explore some of the stories of Jesus for themselves.

Can these 2,000 year old stories still lead us to spiritual discoveries? Come and find out!

These free sessions will be creative, interactive and fun! They are open to all ages, and to people of all faiths and none, as well as those who are just curious. Everyone is welcome!

Sunday 25/09/16

Sunday 30/10/16

Sunday 27/11/16

Sunday 29/01/17

Sunday 26/02/17

Sunday 26/03/17

We start at 4pm and meet for an hour. We meet in Birstall Village Hall, Birstall Road, Birstall, LE4 4DH.

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