NEARER Logo and Explanation

This logo has been developed as a group project with input from many different people and seeks to communicate the following ideas about our group:

  • The blue colour represents heavenly grace in traditional Christian iconography and we use it to express our group’s total dependence upon God's grace.
  • The scribbly text for the group name indicates that we are not a perfect group, or even perfect people(!), but just ordinary folks, bumbling and stumbling along, and we follow God in a way that is often 'messy'.
  • The letters getting bigger as they draw closer to the cross indicates our hope that as a group, and individually, we will all grow in the faith, make progress in our Christian discipleship and our transformation in Christ-likeness, as we cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He works in our lives.
  • The scribbly cross indicates that we do not think that we have a perfect understanding of God or the Christian faith, much is still unclear and 'blurred around the edges', and we are humble enough to admit that even some of what we think we do know may be not quite right.

NEARER : a group of people exploring what it means to be;

NEARER to God, NEARER to Jesus, and NEARER to each other.

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