Wanlip Graveyard

Our Lady and St Nicholas, Wanlip

Graveyard Regulations (1986)

Please be advised that there is to be a re-ordering of Wanlip graveyard to bring it back to a condition that is fitting of consecrated ground and respects all those who rest there.

(A copy of which can be made available to interested parties upon request.)


No wreaths or artificial flowers may be placed at the site of any burial, neither shall there be any objects or mementoes of any kind.  Fresh cut flowers may be laid on occasion, but these will be removed once they have withered.


We shall aim to comply fully with the Diocesan Regulations by June 30th 2017.  This will entail the removal of all items noted above, on or shortly after that date, but not before, giving you 4+ months to remove the items yourself, if you would like to.


Should you wish to discuss this with the Rector - Revd. Vince Jupp - please do not hesitate to contact him on 07840-855030 or email him on vincejupp@btinternet.com.  


We shall hold on to all the removed items for a further 3 months until September 30th 2017, should you wish to collect them, after which we shall have to let them go.  

With all best wishes on behalf of the Parochial Church Council.

Rev’d Vince Jupp (Rector of Birstall and Wanlip)